Napping Is An Underrated Activity

Sophie here: I want to go on record as saying that napping is an underrated activity. We cats can sleep 16-18 hours a day, but do we get a medal for it?? Nooooo. If humans slept that long they would say they are depressed, or maybe suffering from jet lag. Humans, though, do not appreciate the wonder of a cat’s ability to sleep that many hours in a day.DSC_2176

To be fair, though, it is not generally 16-18 hours IN A ROW. That’s why it’s called “cat napping.” A little snooze here, a longer snooze there. We are able to become alert in the blink of an eye if someone is stalking around in our territory, or trying to use our other favorite napping spot. We are in full on RED ALERT when ever the situation calls for it.

So, why do kitties need all of that sleep? Well, my human tells me she read it was because kitties use SO MUCH energy in their stalking and hunting hours, they need all of that sleep to recharge. Have you seen a kitty stalk something? It’s like watching Tai Chi for Cats and we all know THAT takes a lot of energy to do, that’s why humans do Tai Chi for exercise. Yes, Tai Chi for Cats is the perfect name for our stalking mode!

"I have no patience with humans..."

Sophie in Yellow Alert mode

Power napping is the perfect name for the other thing we do: namely, nap. There’s nothing better than snoozing in a sun puddle or on top of your human’s computer keyboard when they are trying to get something done. They can’t NOT pay attention to you. Win-Win.

A cat’s napping skills certainly are underrated. I can see it now: an Olympic Event for Tai Chi Power Cat Napping. I know a few of us who would finish in the medals.

Caturday Art Collage

This week’s Caturday Art is a collage effect I did on It’s fun to go to a new site and play with new things. I think this would be great in a paper scrapbook with different photos of the cat instead of them being all the same. But, ALAS, I did not want to spend all night working on it!

Caturday Art Blog HopButton150x150_zpsbe54d2dc


Cat Collage


As usual, this is also the Caturday Art Blog Hop. Stop by the blog at Athena and Maria, also known as: to see all of the other “arty” cats (well okay, PETS. They don’t have to be cats…).

Award Season: The Stars Shine Bright Tonight

Just as we await each year’s new nominations in different forms of art, so too, do we receive recognition for our blogs — which some might argue, are also an art form. The level of commitment and diligence I see out in the Blogosphere, accompanied by gorgeous photos and beautiful design work, is impressive. They all inspire me to “keep on, keepin’ on.” In these hot, muggy days of summer, it has been difficult for me to stay focused on Moggiepurrs, but I have been brought back into the fold and am making an editorial calendar once again. We (me and Sophie) have worked too hard for more than a year to let it all just fade away. More challenges await, there are many more posts to write, and there are new problems for us to solve.

My lovely blog-friend, Sherri Matthews, is the one who inspired me to get up and running again with some form of schedule. It was delightful to open my inbox and see a virtual goodie-bag of awards that she has bestowed upon Moggiepurrs. I hope to live up to the sentiments expressed in them. There is one more award to present at a later date because part of its “rules” say not to announce it with a bunch of other awards, so we’ll do that one later. Onward and upward!

Please know that I understand not everyone wishes to partake in awards, or you might already have them. Then, they will serve as a reminder of my admiration and appreciation for your wonderful work in the blogosphere.

The Award for Love and Kindnessaward-loveandkindness

The Rules:
1. Share an act of kindness another blogger has done for you. This would have to be Deb Barnes from On two occasions, Deb has allowed me to use her gorgeous photos/badges that she created from photos of her own beautiful cats when there was an important issue at stake that needed the blogosphere to spread the news, i.e. declawing. I ran them with her copyright, but they always make my blog site SHINE!! Thank you, Deb!
2. Thank the person who nominated you for the award, and link back to their blog. That would be Sherri Matthews’ blog:  A View From My Summerhouse. Thank you, Sherri!
3. Nominate those bloggers whom you feel practice Kindness and Love — you choose how many! All of my nominees will appear at the bottom of this post.

Wonderful Team Member Readership Award


The creator of this award said: “As bloggers, we are also readers.
That is a part of blogging as listening is a part of speaking.”

The Rules:
1. Show appreciation of the blogger who nominated you, and link back to them in your post. (Done above.)
2. Add the award logo to your blog. (Done)
3. Share 7 things about yourself.

  1. I LOVE to Read!
  2. I have an account on Goodreads and keep track of every book I read!
  3. This year’s goal is to read 100 books. I may surpass that number.
  4. Wait staff in the local restaurants know me as the “lady with the book.”
  5. I started a book club in my town and we meet once a month.
  6. I love reading all of the blogs that I subscribe to EVERY DAY, even if I don’t comment. It feels like I’m checking in with Friends and Family who live far away.
  7. I believe reading is one of the fastest ways to broaden your mind.


The Angel Award

The Rules:doncharisma-org-award-angel_edited-1
Guess what? There are none! Just a beautiful award to show great appreciation to all you beautiful Angels out there. This one is for you all, too, so please take it!



Most Influential Bloggerdoncharisma-org-most-influential-blogger-award-man

The Rules:
1. Display the Award on your Blog. (Done)
2. Announce your win with a blog post and thank the Blogger who awarded you. (Again, Sherri Matthews)
3. Present 10 deserving Bloggers with the Award. (I’ll do this at the bottom of the post.)
4. Link your nominees in the post and let them know of their being awarded with a comment (or a pingback). (Done)
5. Include an embedded video of your current favourite song. If a video is not possible you can embed a SoundCloud track. (Well, I’m skipping this one because I don’t listen to music while I’m working on the computer.)

It is my honour and privilege to nominate these wonderful bloggers for all the above awards and many congratulations to you all:

  1. The Chronicles of the Zee & Zoey Cats
  2. Sparkle the Designer Cat
  3. One Spoiled Cat
  4. Playful Kitty
  5. Living With Loulou
  6. Sometimes, Cats Herd You
  7. Glogirly
  8. Nerrisa’s Life
  9. The Cat On My Head
  10. The Island Cats

Thank you so much to everybody for your kindness and support. There are way more than 10 blogs deserving of these awards, but I’d be here all night if I listed everyone! If you are reading this blog post, then I thank you, too! You are also eligible to take the beautiful Angel Award above. Take it with my blessing and “bling up” your sidebar!

Help me celebrate! :-)



Caturday Art In The Rain

SAMSUNG CAMERA PICTURESThis week’s Caturday Art is a water effect from enjoy.pic. It is supposed to be Sophie looking out a window at the rain. The first thing I did was sharpen the focus around Sophie’s head, while at the same time blurring the focus farther out to the edges of the photograph. I liked the textured look of it.


Caturday Art Blog HopButton150x150_zpsbe54d2dcThis is part of the Caturday Art Blog Hop. Stop by and check out all the other creative photos.

There’s a Kitty in My Pocket

That headline might have been the news as I left my latest volunteer stint at the Animal Shelter, but fortunately, for me, that was not the case.

Feline Family Photo

What’s one more kitty??

Oh, how I would love to scoop up an armful of baby kitties and bring them home. They could climb on the cat furniture Sophie ignores. I’m sure they would love to play with Sophie’s toys. She won’t mind. She doesn’t even remember she HAS toys.

When I am at that weak point where I say “What could another cute, innocent little kitty hurt?” Sophie jumps into my brain and brings me to my senses.

Can you imagine what the morning “wake mummy up” dance would be like with say, three feline friends?

Or the extra trips to the grocery store for yet more cans of cat food?

Or lugging another box of kitty litter up the stairs?

Or cleaning up fur ball Yaks times three or four?

I know having multiple kitties multiplies the fun, but it also multiplies the work. Some days, with just one cat, I feel like I’m caring for a toddler with fur!!

No, that’s okay. I’ll wave goodbye to the little fur babies as I leave the shelter and count my blessings…that I have other ways to serve the feline among us rather than taking more of them home with me.

Independence Day Is Really for Cats

Sophie here: I figure that Independence Day is really for cats because everyone says we are

Happy Birthday, Mum!

Happy Birthday, Mum!

independent. So, someone named a holiday just for us. That’s cool.

But it is something else, too. It’s that time of year again…time to celebrate the Mumster’s birthday. I know she thinks I don’t care, but I do. I like to wish her a Happy Birthday and then let her pet me and give me treats. That’s the way it works, right?

Most kitties have to celebrate their “Gotcha Day” instead because felines do not keep such exacting records as humans do. I have no idea when my birthday is from my feline mother, but I know my “Gotcha Day” is somewhere in the first couple of weeks of January. See — the humans didn’t even write THAT date down! What’s a kitty to do?

Mum’s birthday is the day before all of those fireworks are set off every year. I hate fireworks and hide under the bed until they are finished. Mom seems to like them, but she doesn’t even leave the apartment anymore for them. Can you believe she watches them on television? I don’t get that…I mean, it’s better for me because they are not so loud, but still. Kinda strange, if you ask me.

SO, on the fourth of July when you hear the fireworks, you can also remember that the day before was mum’s birthday. Or when you are planning your holiday picnic ahead of time, remember that the day BEFORE the fireworks is mum’s birthday. Either way, it works!

Hope everyone has a great Independence Day holiday in the U.S., and a great plain ol’ regular day outside of the U.S. Remember, we kitties have your back, except during the fireworks when we own the space under your bed.

Biggest Challenge With Cats: Patience

One of the biggest challenges I’ve had to overcome as a pet owner and cat lover is

"I have no patience with humans..."

“I have no patience with humans…”

patience. We’re always told to introduce new cats to each other gradually over at least a week’s time.

I just throw them in the room together and let them work it out.

We’re told to gradually introduce new litter into the box so the cat is less likely to reject it.

I just cleaned the old box and dumped in the new litter.

If we are changing their cat food, same thing applies: do it gradually. In this case, though, it might be prudent to follow conventional wisdom because the cat might be allergic to the new food, or just not like it when compared to the old food and need some time to adjust.

Cats require MOUNTAINS of patience. I’ve learned my lessons the hard way — I didn’t listen to what everyone said and did it the way I wanted to do it because I had no patience.

I once introduced my 6 year old neutered Tom cat to a 5-year-old “delicate” female Tuxie by just leaving them in the room together. My tabby cat sauntered into the living room and looked at me as if to say, “What’s THIS??” The Tuxie ran away to hide — for days. Later, I came home from work and found fur EVERYWHERE. Oops. However, it only took about a week for them to settle down, but the Tuxie rarely left my side when the other cat was around. “Mom-HELP!! Don’t leave me alone with that monster,” she seemed to be always saying. However, her “delicate-ness” ended up endearing her to most people and she was always the first cat to greet a newcomer at the door. (She was probably thinking: “Somebody! Take me outta here!”)

I went through a phase of trying out more environmentally friendly litter, with a new style about once a month for a few months. The tabby named above jumped in the box one day and I swear — looked down at his paws and then back up at me as if to say, “What the HECK is this stuff?? Where’s my other litter?” The little darling was able to humor me and use it, for which I was very grateful, but I eventually went back to my tried-and-true brand. His paws seemed to drip with sarcasm every time they touched the new litter.

I was blessed with an extremely laid-back cat in that Tabby. I dragged him around from pillar to post (in his cat carrier, of course) and he never squawked about it — well, not too much, anyway. He always seemed to adjust well to changes when we moved — as long as I showed him where his food and litter box was — he always settled in immediately. That cat truly spoiled me!

My opinion now, though, is it IS probably better to go the “patience” route because you never know when your actions will traumatize a cat, especially if you haven’t had the cat since it was a baby and you don’t know what scary experiences it may have already had.

Yes, patience is a virtue, but not one I have easily cultivated. What have your cats taught you?