Autumn Leaves and I Wish the Dog Would Too

Sophie here: I’m looking forward to Halloween. I like when it gets close to that holiday because I watch

I like my perch. No one can get me here. It's even a stretch for Mom.

I like my perch. No one can get me here. It’s even a stretch for Mom.

the leaves whirling about from the window (IF THE DOG DOESN’T GET IN MY WAY). It’s also close to the time when Mom turns the heat on, so it is warm and toasty here. It might only be on for a little while every day just to take the chill off the room. (That’s what Mom says…) but, by Thanksgiving we’ll have it on all of the time.

Have you seen those kitty beds that get warmer and warmer as the kitty sleeps on it? I want one of those. After my last kitty bed got STOLEN BY THE DOG, though, Mom may not buy me another one for a while.

I now love my Cat Condo Furniture and spend entire days on the tippity-top level and survey my realm. I can see everything from up there and THE DOG CAN’T GET ME! Ha-ha!! YOU CURLY-HAIRED MUTT WITH…

Mom here: “Sophie, be nice to your fur-brother!!”

Sophie: See what I mean? It’s like he’s a new baby in the house or something. I have to be nice to it. Bah!

Anyhow, Happy Autumn Leaves to you, and then soon it will be time for the countdown to Christmas! Maybe this time instead of asking SantaPaws if he will bring me something, I will ask him to TAKE SOMETHING AWAY…MR. DOG. DID YOU HEAR ME, MUTT???

Ahem…have a nice day, y’all.


Dog Officially Joins Family

We are signed, sealed and delivered now as a new pet family. Ollie-the-dog is an official member of

This used to be my bed. The dog stole it from me!

This used to be my bed. The dog stole it from me!

Sophie-the-cat’s household. No more fostering — Ollie and I own each other now. He’s very happy about it. Sophie is resigned to her new position as alpha-animal in the house.

There was a small dust-up the other day when Sophie occupied the arm of the sofa by the window and Ollie wanted a turn. She told him in no uncertain terms that she wasn’t finished with it yet…no puffy tail, but a definite hissssssssssss could be heard.

Other times, Ollie comes upon Sophie hiding in her cat condo and all he can see is her tail. I guess he doesn’t know the tail belongs to the cat because he growls at the tail. He only does this when he doesn’t see the whole cat. Weird. He probably thinks he’s come across some wild animal.

Anyway, the neighborhood is gladdened by Ollie’s adoption, as are my friends and family. This was a successful rescue — of both animal AND human. I mean, what else would you call a thing that makes a person smile and be nicer to people? It never occurred to me that an animal would do that for me.

But he did. :-)

I’m Okay And So Are You

There have been some great blog posts recently on tortoiseshell cats and black cats, but my favorite



marking on a cat is the tabby design. I don’t know why — that tabby face has just always drawn me in and I consider it a “10.” That’s not to say I can’t appreciate the beauty of a Siamese or a long-haired cat. They’re beautiful in their own way, but who can say why they are drawn to a particular thing?

This may sound silly, but ever since I was a kid I have always liked the “odd man out.” When everyone was crazy about the Beatles and Paul McCartney, my favorite Beatle was George Harrison. Same with The Monkees: everyone liked Davy Jones, I went for Peter Tork. I suppose it true that there is no accounting for taste.

When most kids picked the cherry flavor for their favorite taste, I was “grape.” I was never one to follow the crowd and do what everyone else was doing. My favorites came from some unknowable place deep inside me. I definitely had preferences for one thing over another, even at an early age, but I always knew that if I liked it, it would not be the most popular item. This made me feel different from everyone else. Why couldn’t I go along with the crowd? Why was I always the odd one out? Childhood is a time when it seems so important to be like everybody else.

Looking at it in a positive way, though, I was a free-thinker even at an early age. I didn’t “go along to get along.” Sure, I liked some of the things that were fads — tie dye shirts, bell bottoms, wearing my hair long and straight — but I always knew that when it came to blending in with the crowd, that person would not be me.

Many women I know love gold jewelry. I am partial to silver. Dogs? No, thanks, I’ll take a cat home. Where is all of this leading? I guess I’ve figured out what makes me ME. My preferences, likes and dislikes, make up a part of my personality, and just like tabby cats, they are my favorite things. They are what make life fun, comfortable, and satisfying for me.

It’s okay I’m different. Me and my preference for George Harrison/Peter Tork/tabby cats/grape flavor/and silver jewelry just make me unique. I have a different and varied perspective on life than others do, and that’s really okay.

What’s Wrong With These Pictures?


(c) Moggiepurrs 2014

According to Sophie, what’s wrong with these pictures is that there is a dog sleeping in a cat bed, namely HER cat bed.

(c) Moggiepurrs 2014

But on the other paw, she wasn’t using it. If you’re not going to claim it as your property SOMEBODY should get use out of it.

So, now it is a dog bed. Much more comfortable than the floor. I wasn’t going to tell him he couldn’t use it and Sophie missed her chance to get territorial over it.

Perhaps, she didn’t like her cat bed, any way, and so Ollie claimed it.


It’s not about cats, but maybe it’s better

I’m excited to tell you I have published an article on a metaphysical web site. The title is: Are Angels Real?  Please follow the link below to get to the web site and look for the title. When you click on the link it will open in a new window. If you wish to comment, please leave it here on Moggiepurrs.

Thanks so much to all of you for your encouragement and support.


Why Does A Cat Person Adopt A Dog?

That is the question I’ve noodled with for the last few weeks. I am a self-confessed cat lady who can talk to perfect strangers about all kinds of cat topics. In fact, I love to bring up the subject any way I can to anyone who will listen.

So, why did I get a dog instead of another cat? Good question.

(c) Moggiepurrs 2014

(c) Moggiepurrs 2014

On the one hand, I thought Sophie would be more miffed at me if I brought home another cat. She’s starting to act normal again (whatever THAT means), so I think she will eventually tolerate having the dog around. I mean, she is almost the same size as the dog! What’s there to be afraid of anyway? I know, I know, it’s a territory-thing. With cats, it is ALWAYS about territory. At least our $100 cat condo is finally getting some use!

But why a dog?

As we get older, the choices available to us narrow considerably, either because of our health, or other people living with us, money, and well, FEAR is a big reason, too, that keeps us from doing what we want to do.

In my case, I felt like this might be the last opportunity I would have to own a cute, sweet, little cockapoo dog. The set up was perfect for me: not having to pay a bazillion dollars to a breeder, free advice and support from the animal shelter, the dog is already house trained, we have compatible temperaments (we both love naps!), AND HE LOVES ME. How could I pass up this chance at experiencing the human/canine bond? It’s like all of the stars were perfectly aligned.

Now, I am still most definitely a cat person, and hope there are even MORE cats in my future. But it was as if little Ollie was “sent” to me, you know? An answer to a prayer; a fulfillment of a longing; a creature to care for that God thought needed just what I have to give. Whatever the reason, it all came together for us both, and no matter what the hardships or difficulties there may be for me in owning a dog, we’ll get through them, together.

Not to get overly philosophical with you here, but okay, lets…sometimes people need an incentive to S-T-R-E-T-C-H;  to shake up the energy in their world; to do something BIG that totally changes the routine. That’s what I needed, and a dog was the answer to that dilemma. This dog gives me a reason to get up every day in ways the cat never does. This dog gets me out talking to my neighbors — many of whom I didn’t even know lived on my block. This dog — as a friend so gently pointed out to me recently — has smoothed out a few of my rough edges.

I am a deeply committed cat person who happens to also own a dog, but it will always only be THIS dog, not just any dog. This is the dog I wanted so I could take a huge leap into the unknown and land on my feet. THIS is the dog that was the perfect match for me. THIS is the dog that made me feel ALIVE again.

And THAT is why a cat person adopts a dog.


Cat Show Mamas Go All Out

SAMSUNG CAMERA PICTURESI finally did it. I’ve been trying to get to a cat show for more than 5 years now and I either forget, have something else planned, or just don’t make it for some reason. This year, the dates went on the calendar early, and I arrived on Sunday. I stepped into “cat world” and was mesmerized from the start. My friend took one step and said, “Oh, you can smell the cats!” I must be immune to the “aroma.” I thought it was fine. Anyway…

Round and round we went, up and down the aisles, back tracking to compare prices, stopping every so often to admire a kitty or two. We also stopped to watch the judging of different classes of cats, as well as to see what “cat agility” was. I was thrilled to be in the great hall with all of these felines. I was in Cat Lady Paradise! I bought cat-themed purses and a cat magnet. (Hey, shopping is half the fun!) AT LEAST I DIDN’T COME HOME WITH ANOTHER CAT!!

The cats were well-behaved. Obviously, they are used to the noise and activity and people peeking into the cages. My cat, Sophie, wouldn’t have lasted 5 minutes in there. She would have said, “MA, what have you gotten me into NOW?”???????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????

We stayed a couple of hours and when we had seen everything there was to see, we left. I thought it would be a bigger deal than it was, but it actually turned out it was just enough excitement for me. I’m glad I didn’t plan on going for both days! Must be getting old…

I am sharing several photos with you that I took at the cat show. They aren’t great, but you know how easy it is to get a picture of a cat, moving or sitting! Not easy at all. I’m lucky you can tell from the picture that they are CATS! Look at this photo of “Coco” dressed up in her Victorian era finery, riding in a pink Cadillac. Look at what  human cat moms will do for a great photo-op! The cat didn’t move a whisker! I mean, do “normal” cats do this???? It certainly made for an entertaining afternoon.