Uh-oh, Bad Kitty No More

Sophie here: Uh-oh, I guess I have been a bad kitty. I can’t be Miss Crankypants with mom anymore. She just told me that in January 2015 she will go in for knee replacement

Sophie is always monitoring the perimeter for interlopers.

Sophie is always monitoring the perimeter for interlopers.

surgery on her right knee. Yikes. I’m glad it’s her and not me. But that means me and the woofie will be cared for by others for about 3 days while she is in the hospital, and then for WEEKS afterward, there will be helpers coming in to assist with the pet chores. I suppose as long as MY food bowl stays full, everything will be okay.

Mom says she’s known she was headed down this path since about the year 2000. She’s been hobbling around for too long now and it’s time to do something about it. If you ask me, I think the woofie was a big push for her. Taking him out for walks and stuff was hard on her knees, but then after the surgery, the doctor says taking the woofie for a walk will be the best thing for her. Mom told me all about it.

So, I guess my sweet, little feline heart will have to get used to MORE changes around here. Gosh, is there no end to the list of things I have to put up with every day? I guess one thing I can do for mom is not get upset with her when she calls me “sweetie” and “silly cat.” Oh, yeah, and not to jump up on her knees after the surgery. That, too.

Stay tuned. There will be LOTS more said about this development…

Cat Communicates with Human

My kitty told me the other day that she wasn’t feeling so hot. How do I know? When

(c) Moggiepurrs 2014 "Wake me when it is Springtime again."

(c) Moggiepurrs 2014
“Wake me when it is Springtime again.”

I tried to pet her down the length of her back, she turned quickly to give me a nip on my hand. That’s not like her. Then, another day, I reached my hand down from my chair to pet the top of her head as she was sitting near my feet, and she threw a claw at me and drew blood. She’s telling me that she would rather be left alone. Enough with the affection already!

She’s 12, so I suppose she’s entitled to a little crankiness. Twelve for a cat is probably real old in people years. I’m sure her joints ache — I can empathize with that! She is sleeping a lot more than usual (me, too). Oh, and she might, JUST MIGHT, still be a little miffed at me for bringing that woofie into the house. They have definitely worked out a sharing system for who gets to lounge on the arm of the sofa and look out the window. When the dog is on it she walks up and just STARES at him. He quickly relinquishes his spot to her. I would say that is some mighty-fine non-verbal communication right there!

Occasionally, I’m surprised to hear a little hissing coming from Sophie. She’s grown to tolerate Ollie being in the same room with her, but she draws the line at him invading her personal space. Get too close, and watch out!

This may have been Sophie’s personality all along, but having the dog in the house to compare her with has suddenly made me more aware of her behavior…and there is SO MUCH to observe. I love watching the interplay between the two of them. I can almost see the thought-bubbles above their heads with what they are saying to each other.

Animal watching is a fun pastime for me. You just never know what they will tell you! Do you ever think you know what your pets are saying to you?

For What Are You Grateful?

If you look closely, you will see Sophie's reflection in the eye.

If you look closely, you will see Sophie’s reflection in the eye.

I think, for people who live alone, the greatest gift they can give to themselves is to share their home with a pet. Having a reason to rush home from running errands may seem like a hassle, but I’m sure glad I have that reason. Purchasing rawhide bones for the dog or kitty treats for the cat really doesn’t cost me much, but it pays back in huge dividends. My little moppets think I’m the greatest thing going. I don’t know about you, but I can’t get enough of that sentiment.

And how much effort do they demand for that love? Surprisingly little.

If I accidentally step on a tail and receive a sharp rebuke from my furry friend, or it takes me a little too long to get the food bowl on the floor, they are so forgiving (well, as long as I eventually come through with the goods, they are).

They are also a never-ending source of entertainment for me. The other day the cat jumped up on the dining table and I remedied the problem by making lots of noise and clapping until she got down. The dog came running to see what the racket was about: “Oh, boy! The cat got in trouble!” he seemed to say.


When the dog is lovingly placed in his crate at night with his dog treat before bed, the cat slyly looks at the dog, sniffs and walks away. SHE gets to roam free at night and the dog does NOT. She is certainly pleased to be the alpha animal in the house!

My cat and dog are my source of amusement, love and affection, as well as my motivation for exercise, volunteer work, and often, my writing work, too. They  remind me to appreciate life and all of the wonderful blessings I enjoy. They make me feel grateful that I have a home to house them and that I can physically and financially serve their needs.

(c) Moggiepurrs 2014 My little guard dog watching out the window, keeping me safe from all hazards.

(c) Moggiepurrs 2014
My little guard dog watching out the window, keeping me safe from all hazards.

I don’t own a lot of things, but I am rich in love and friendship. The next time you have to scoop a litter box or take the dog for his last walk of the night in the cold or rain, remember that. It takes so little to show your compassion for these animals, and they return the gift tenfold.

I am quietly pleased to have my little furry family. What more could one ask for than to have such sweet creatures to tend to each day?

With them, I desire no distractions in life.

You want me to do what now?

You want me to do what now?

Silly Human Riles Cat

(c) Moggiepurrs 2014

(c) Moggiepurrs 2014

Sophie here: So my human keeps calling me everything but my real name. Frequently, I hear “silly cat.” Next up is “sweet baby.”  I am neither silly, sweet, nor a baby. I’m a CAT!! Human’s should know these things.

What’s that Mom???

Oh, Mom says she’s not going to let me use the Internets anymore if all I do is complain. I am 12 years old and think I have earned the right to complain a bit, don’t you think?  Especially when I have to put up with SILLY HUMANS calling me silly names! Not to mention that now I have to live with a silly DOG.

Seriously, does your human call you everything under the sun except your real name?

I say the same thing to her every time I want her attention: MEOW.

Hey, it works!

“Fill my bowl.” Meow.

“Where are my treats?” Meow.

“You’re sitting in my chair.” Meow.

“Clean my box.” Meow.

“Look what the silly dog is doing!” Meow, Meow.

See, there is no reason for using a silly name. Mom says she says it with something called affex-shun, whatever THAT is, and not to get so riled up about it.

Okay, silly Mama, see how you like it. MEOW.

You want to see a silly cat? I’ll show you a silly cat: Look at this picture below right –> Now THAT’s a silly cat!

Cat Show Coco

Cat Show Coco

This blog post has exhausted me. I’m going to nap now. MEOW.

Howl-O-Ween Started Early Here

Yes, Howl-O-Ween started early in our house, about the time that Ollie-the-dog came to live with us. The first day was memorable in so many ways, but specifically, when Sophie-the-cat sat on my bed and HOWLED her fuzzy little head off for me to come to her.

She was not happy about a woofie coming to live here and wanted to make sure I knew just how much.

Sophie would not let me comfort her, pet her, or offer chin scritches. She was determined to get her point across that she was NOT happy. Or else she was auditioning her new Top 40 album for all to hear!

Day 2 went better, as did Day 3 and 4. She finally left the bedroom and joined me and Ollie out in the living room. But it was touch-and-go there for a while. I really felt bad for her — and not just because I had to listen to her pitiful howling. She was really in distress at the turn events in our house. I never expected that reaction. I thought she would just hide under the bed all day, not SING, too.

Thank COD, she has come around.  She runs and jumps like an Olympic hurdler; showing flexibility and form as skilled as any athlete. It’s her perch on top of the cat condo and she sits up there


How can I use this situation to my advantage?

How can I use this situation to my advantage?

like a Queen surveying her realm…and HOWLS! I don’t know WHAT she is looking at, but she puts her head up to look at the ceiling and just HOWLS. I think she is hoping someone in the Universe will hear her tale of despair. “Look what I must put up with now!”

Sophie is vocalizing more in general since Ollie came to live with us. She certainly has a lot to say, I just can’t figure out what it could be except for expressing her displeasure at the situation. However, we have reached some sort of détente at night. When I’m sitting on the couch, she will sleep on one side of me and Ollie on the other. At least, they are occupying the same piece of furniture. That’s progress.

We just have to get used to this new talent my cat has developed. Singing. (Howling)

Halloween will forever be remembered now as Howl-O-Ween in our house. It took a woofie to get her to sing!

Happy Halloween, Everyone!


National Cat Day A Hit With Cats

Sophie here: It’s National Cat Day this week…October 29th. That’s what it says on Mom’s calendar. Hmmmm….I

(c) Moggiepurrs 2014

(c) Moggiepurrs 2014

wonder how people celebrate it. I know cats think EVERYDAY is Cat Day. We have a little nip, purr a song or two, and luxuriate in our favorite napping spots.

I think it is nice to have a National Cat Day. There are “days” for everything else, why not one for cats? I mean, the Hallmark people are always coming up with new days for us to celebrate! They’ve finally hit on something great here with National Cat Day.

I guess part of the celebration ought to be keeping a good thought out for our animal shelter cousins who are desperately hoping some human will drop by and take them home, or that Rescue Kitties will finally be rescued, or that more feral cats will be T-N-R’d.

I can see now why it is important to have a National Cat Day. There are many things to think about, if you’re a cat. I guess niptinis and long naps are not the appropriate way to celebrate this day. But I think engaging in some power purring would still be in order.

Okay…so here I go: I’m sending out power purrs and prayers to all of the needy kitties of the world…and

Zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz. [insert long nap here]

Autumn Leaves and I Wish the Dog Would Too

Sophie here: I’m looking forward to Halloween. I like when it gets close to that holiday because I watch

I like my perch. No one can get me here. It's even a stretch for Mom.

I like my perch. No one can get me here. It’s even a stretch for Mom.

the leaves whirling about from the window (IF THE DOG DOESN’T GET IN MY WAY). It’s also close to the time when Mom turns the heat on, so it is warm and toasty here. It might only be on for a little while every day just to take the chill off the room. (That’s what Mom says…) but, by Thanksgiving we’ll have it on all of the time.

Have you seen those kitty beds that get warmer and warmer as the kitty sleeps on it? I want one of those. After my last kitty bed got STOLEN BY THE DOG, though, Mom may not buy me another one for a while.

I now love my Cat Condo Furniture and spend entire days on the tippity-top level and survey my realm. I can see everything from up there and THE DOG CAN’T GET ME! Ha-ha!! YOU CURLY-HAIRED MUTT WITH…

Mom here: “Sophie, be nice to your fur-brother!!”

Sophie: See what I mean? It’s like he’s a new baby in the house or something. I have to be nice to it. Bah!

Anyhow, Happy Autumn Leaves to you, and then soon it will be time for the countdown to Christmas! Maybe this time instead of asking SantaPaws if he will bring me something, I will ask him to TAKE SOMETHING AWAY…MR. DOG. DID YOU HEAR ME, MUTT???

Ahem…have a nice day, y’all.