Cat Show Mamas Go All Out

SAMSUNG CAMERA PICTURESI finally did it. I’ve been trying to get to a cat show for more than 5 years now and I either forget, have something else planned, or just don’t make it for some reason. This year, the dates went on the calendar early, and I arrived on Sunday. I stepped into “cat world” and was mesmerized from the start. My friend took one step and said, “Oh, you can smell the cats!” I must be immune to the “aroma.” I thought it was fine. Anyway…

Round and round we went, up and down the aisles, back tracking to compare prices, stopping every so often to admire a kitty or two. We also stopped to watch the judging of different classes of cats, as well as to see what “cat agility” was. I was thrilled to be in the great hall with all of these felines. I was in Cat Lady Paradise! I bought cat-themed purses and a cat magnet. (Hey, shopping is half the fun!) AT LEAST I DIDN’T COME HOME WITH ANOTHER CAT!!

The cats were well-behaved. Obviously, they are used to the noise and activity and people peeking into the cages. My cat, Sophie, wouldn’t have lasted 5 minutes in there. She would have said, “MA, what have you gotten me into NOW?”???????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????

We stayed a couple of hours and when we had seen everything there was to see, we left. I thought it would be a bigger deal than it was, but it actually turned out it was just enough excitement for me. I’m glad I didn’t plan on going for both days! Must be getting old…

I am sharing several photos with you that I took at the cat show. They aren’t great, but you know how easy it is to get a picture of a cat, moving or sitting! Not easy at all. I’m lucky you can tell from the picture that they are CATS! Look at this photo of “Coco” dressed up in her Victorian era finery, riding in a pink Cadillac. Look at what  human cat moms will do for a great photo-op! The cat didn’t move a whisker! I mean, do “normal” cats do this???? It certainly made for an entertaining afternoon.


Love Does Not Diminish, It Expands

If you ‘d listened to the cat around here the last few days, you’d think I was the worst cat mom ever.

What? I wasn’t enough for her? She had to go out and get a Woofie, too?

Sophie was really bent out of shape that I brought a Woofie home from the animal shelter. I think she thought I wouldn’t have enough love for both, and I tried to explain that love does not diminish, it expands, but she’s skeptical.

She doesn’t sleep with me anymore. She sleeps in the living room on the highest perch of her cat condo. I think she is standing guard to make sure the dog doesn’t make her have to defend her territory. She is definitely giving the message to both me AND Ollie that she is the Alpha animal around here. I’ve tried giving her more pats and chin scritches, but she’s been aloof. I suppose I should be happy that “aloof” is all she has been.

The thing she doesn’t get is that I believe Ollie was sent to me by whatever *magic* holds the Universe together. I thought I was rescuing him, when in reality, I think he’s doing a little rescuing of me. As we all know, the cure for just about every illness known to humankind is to get out and walk more…not my favorite thing to do. But I know I need to do it, so if it takes a little dog to make me get up and do it, so be it. I get a little exercise and Ollie gets a loving home with a warm bed, regular food, treats, squeaky toys, rawhide bones, windows to look out, neighbor kids and dogs to play with, and a new Woofie mom who loves him dearly.

The cat will just have to deal with it; after all, she was a rescue once, too. (How soon they forget!)

Cat Says, We Are Not Amused

(c) Moggiepurrs 2014

(c) Moggiepurrs 2014

Sophie here: She went and did it. Mummy drank the Kool-aid at the animal shelter! She brought home a WOOFIE!! Can you believe it? I can’t, but the proof is right before my eyes.

Well, I THINK it’s a woofie. It has so much fur and is in such need of grooming that it is hard to tell the front from the back.

Mummy says it’s a 1-year-old cockapoo doggie.

I suppose out of all the woofies out there she could have brought home, this one isn’t so bad. It’s quiet, hasn’t barked once. It just wants to sit at Mummy’s feet. It hasn’t even tried to play with my toys — well, neither have I, but that’s not the point.

She is doing something called “foster to adopt.” In that situation, the animal shelter people give you everything you need to take care of the animal for free. She got a dog bed, crate, food, 2 bowls, leash, collar, and a blanket. I’m sure glad they did that because I wouldn’t want her running out of green papers to buy me kitty treats!

Mum says the woofie did fine in the car on the way home, except for trying to sit in her lap when she drove. But the woofie would NOT go up the stairs, and seeing how we live in a second floor apartment, this could be a problem. Mum is hoping he can be trained to like stairs. (Woofies are so clueless!) [What's that Mum?? Oh, Mum says he's got the stairs figured out now.]

Anyway, the woofie is a boy and we are calling him Ollie. He didn’t come with a name because he was turned in as a stray when he was out wandering around, aimlessly. That’s why Mummy got to name him. Ollie’s fur was all matted and full of leaves; he looked like he badly needed some love.

Well, he can have love from Mummy, but NOT from me. I’m still a little miffed about this, but I suppose I’ll get over it eventually. I mean, she could have brought home a CAT. THEN we’d really have some problems. I’m letting Ollie know I’ll be keeping my distance from him by showing a slightly puffy tail…just so he doesn’t get any ideas that I might LIKE him.

I am SURE you will hear more about this crazy turn of events in the future. Just know: we are not amused! (What was she thinking???)


Ollie after his trip to the groomer.


Ollie as he looked when Mum got him from the shelter.

Cat Food Roulette Does Not Impress Cat


When Mum served me this I stuck my nose up in the air and trotted away.


Real live dead food. Hmmm…what a treat!

Sophie Here Again: I have a bone to pick with the human around here. Why is it that human’s think they can just mess around with our food anytime they want? She SAID it was because she wanted me to eat more nutritious food; that it would be better for me and maybe I wouldn’t sneeze so much.  Okay, I’ll buy that premise, but look what she gave me!!! She gave me this fresh chicken that comes in a pouch that you have to keep in the refrigerator and throw away after a couple of days. It was Chick-Hen. Blaaach!! I hate Chick-Hen. I should have sent it over to our friend, Waffles. He loves Chick-Hen.

Then she tried this other stuff. It was actually real live dead animal food. It came in these pouches and did not look like my usual food. Here’s a picture of me eating it. Well, actually, I’m NOT eating it in the picture, but I eventually did finish it. It was okay.

Then, after a couple of days on this diet, I started throwing up so Mum took it away from me. Said it wasn’t worth it if it was going to make me sick.

SO, here we are, back to only dry food again. We went through almost every flavor of Fancy Feast canned food and I have officially snubbed every one of them. I am now eating Fancy Feast dry cat food, and drinking lots of water. I seem to like this one the best out of all the ones we tried.

As close to real food that I get around here...

As close to real food that I get around here…

Humans just don’t seem to get it. Feeding a cat is not rocket science, but they fuss over it all the time. “Try this new thing.” “Try that new thing.”

Just give me my bowl of crunchies and I’ll go away quietly. Stop surprising me!!


Butterfly Light Award Lands On Moggiepurrs

Isn’t it beautiful the way it shimmers in the light? I mentioned this award during my recent awards blog post and that it must not be lumped in with other awards. Today I am showcasing it all by itself.

This award was originally given to Don Charisma as a thank you from Belinda (the idiot writer) when he helped fix her computer. I love the  special effects and the way it shimmers. I am honoured and humbled to have received it, thank you so much Sherri Matthews from A View from My Summerhouse! Sherri frequently “shines a light” on difficult topics needing to be examined, and she does it in a loving, beautifully written way.

Conditions For Accepting The Award

1. You must write an acceptance post, making sure you link back to the blogger who awarded you and thank them. You MAY NOT lump this award in with a batch of other awards.

2. You must individually name and re-award to a minimum of 1 and a maximum of 9999999 bloggers. You must let them know either personally with a comment on their blog OR a pingback.

3. You must link back to Belinda’s blog either to OR

4. You must write a short paragraph – Entitled either “How I’m Spreading Light” OR “How I’m A Positive Influence”

5. Display Belinda’s lovely “Butterfly Light Award” badge on your blog.

Here is my short paragraph: How I’m Spreading Light.

I am spreading light with my blog every time I help a fellow blogger with a technical issue (or at least try, I’m not always successful!). I also feel I spread light by writing about a difficult topic  and letting my readers know they are not alone, or providing advice based on my experiences with it. To wit: my cat blog posts on cat grief and on cats being our spiritual teachers. But that’s the heavy stuff. I also make people smile or laugh with my blog posts, and that’s worth something, too.

Here are the bloggers I’m nominating for the Butterfly Light Award who have also spread the light to me on many occasions. Their thoughtful writing and personal responsiveness to a question or comment certainly lit up my life! A boatload of congratulations to you all!

1. Deb Barnes writes thoughtful posts on many cat subjects and also shares her family experiences interacting with the cats. She’s not afraid to bare her soul and let us know what is really going on with her. Her honesty is real and moving.

2. Playful Kitty Robin Mudge offers a change up of topics that are always interesting, and also shares personal struggles she has overcome; but my favorite offering is when she publishes her word search puzzle based on the post that day. FUN.

3. The Cat On My Head Janet Blue is the brains behind the Kitties Blue and I look forward to her postings every day. Her gang of kitties are like a group of human kids, each with their own foibles and sensitivities. Janet also volunteers and does cat transport. She shares her day with us after a trip. I love reading those posts.

4. Loulou Loulou is one smart kitty who happens to be French! She often comments on world events as well as family times. I know she has had difficulty posting comments on my blog, but appears to have fixed the problem. I’m thankful for her persistence so she can contribute her light to Moggiepurrs.

5. One Spoiled Cat Sammy’s wacky sense of humor keeps me laughing every day! But he also always makes me feel welcome when he comments on my comments!

I hope you can visit these wonderful bloggers who are working hard “spreading the light” to bring readers thoughtful, meaningful, and entertaining posts!

Hello? Is Anybody Home?



Some days my work at the animal shelter seems to occur in a quiet library; other days, it’s more like Grand Central Station (GCS) before the busiest travel holiday of the year!

I recently endured a day like GCS at the shelter. When it was finally time to go home, I felt like I had survived a tornado, a dust devil, and a tsunami all rolled into one!


Two women with four kids between them arrived and I thought they would never go home. They looked at EVERY cat, then EVERY dog, and that’s a good thing…but then they stayed in our chairs for another 1/2 hour discussing what they wanted to do, WHILE THE KIDS TOUCHED EVERYTHING IN THE LOBBY AND ZOOMED AROUND LIKE THEY WERE ON AN AMUSEMENT PARK RIDE.

We have a “house cat” at the shelter that has privileges to be out of its cage and she walks around and snoopervises everything. This poor cat kept HIDING when these kids were around, and when they finally left, the cat was so tuckered out she went right to sleep. I wished I could have joined her!

Another woman came in and wanted to know what was needed to adopt a cat. I told her what was required…in great detail. Then, she asks me a question that my response had already answered. Hello? Is Anybody Home? She was either not listening, or was hoping my answer would change the second time I said it.

And then there was the phone…it did not stop ringing all afternoon. I’m at a desk surrounded by talking people, zooming kids, barking dogs, and Lord knows what else. I’m lucky I can hear anything on the phone at all.

The saving grace in all of this is that I do it for the animals. They are what make putting up with this mayhem worthwhile…plus, knowing that my co-workers/co-volunteers are right there with me, ready to jump in and answer a question or direct a visitor to the cat or dog room. It makes for a crazy afternoon, but in the end it is satisfying to know I might have saved a life of the furry kind!

Now, I’m ready to nap with my kitty.

Cats Need A Job When Not Napping

It has been said that dogs need a job to keep them happy and out of trouble. Many have been

Sophie snoopervising me at my desk.

Sophie snoopervising me at my desk.

bred for specific work, like sheep dogs, and now we train Labs and German Shepherds to do police work or help people with disabilities. There are many working dogs out there. But cats? Not so much.

I think cats make up their own minds about what kind of work they want to do. At the top of the list is supervising humans. They do it well and will follow their human around all day, even accompanying the human into the bath room. A cat will be mesmerized watching a human cook dinner and might even keep the human company on the counter.

Before the human goes to sleep at night, the cat is right there to inspect the bed for comfort. They provide the same service for comfy chairs. Another thing they do is watch a person very carefully while they eat. Their job is to make sure that if any food falls off of the fork before it gets into the mouth, the cat will be there to catch it, stopping a mess from happening before it starts.

Let’s not forget the obvious: cats are great at keeping the rodent population at bay and killing bugs; a service worth its weight in gold just by itself! And work as a companion to a person who lives alone? Gosh, they are never NOT on the job!

See? Cats can work, too, like dogs. We just have to recognize the work they do is highly specialized and different from their canine partners, however, no less important. Cats would not be involved in any work that was not important.

It’s a big job snoopervising humans. They need so much of it. You know the phrase “Good help is hard to find?” It was INVENTED for humans, that’s why they are so lucky to have cats around to help out.

So, on this Labor Day the question is:

What jobs do your kitties do for you?