Have You Thanked Your Administrative Professional Today?

Sophie here: I’m writing today’s post because Mummy took the day off. See, she is MY


Even though I am the boss, I have to do so much! Work is never done!

administrative assistant and today is Administrative Professional’s Day. She types up all of these great posts for you to enjoy — oh, sure, some of them are her ideas, but I have influenced many of them.

I’m lucky to have her because it’s awfully hard to type with paws. I try, but my typing is atrocious!!

Now, I could have hired a rabbit or woofie or even a SQUIRREL to be my A.A., but I decided having a human do the job would be best…they have those opposable thumbs and all, and they are really easy to manipulate with a cute face or a loud purr. It’s a good thing, because being a cat I can only pay in purrs and head bonks and she likes both of those.

Yes, I appreciate her and all the other Administrative Professionals out there in the blogosphere. Where would we be without them? No one would know about us!! They do so much for us beyond typing, too. They make sure the Birdie-TV is on, they open the window for us so we can enjoy some whiffies, they are our source for treats and cat nip (if you are into that sort of thing), and they make life safe for us so we don’t have to live outside with predators. Yikes!!

SO, thank you Administrative Professionals. We couldn’t do it without you! I am sure all of you kitties out there have PLENTY to say about YOUR Administrative Professional!!

Happy Easter To All My Peeps!

Happy Easter, everybody. As a cat, I don’t care for chocolate Easter eggs, or chocolate-anything for that matter.

Instead of getting all flowery on you, I decided to keep it simple.

Instead of getting all flowery on you, I decided to keep it simple.

Those little marshmallow peep-things are cute, but really, have you tasted one of them lately? I think stores just put out left over stock from last year.

I hope all of you with little peeps out there have a fun day collecting Easter eggs, chocolate or not, and for the grown-up peeps that you enjoy your Easter day in whatever way you find meaningful.

Me? I’ll be napping most of the day, like most kitties out there. Maybe enjoy a few whiffies from the window being open — thank goodness — and enjoy some birdie-TV. All-in-all, just a relaxing day. The human will probably have her nose buried in a book most of the time. That’s okay. Then I won’t be constantly woken up! Except, I don’t want to be late for my special Easter dinner — TUNA!!! She can wake me up for THAT!

Thanks to all of you out there for stopping by to see us regularly and leaving a comment. It really makes me and the human feel good to know others are thinking of us occasionally.

‘Head Butts’ Most Consistently Popular Post

Hands down, my most read blog post over the long haul is Cat Head Butts Are About Trust, Not Food. This title shows up EVERY week in my stats. I don’t consider it to be an example of my most sterling prose, so it has to be the subject matter. People are just fascinated with this feline behavior — officially called “bunting” — because it most resembles an action a human might do. (Just my opinion.) Touching someone can mean: excuse me, hey you, please, pay attention to me, feed me, pet me, love me. You get the idea. This communication starts with a touch, and for the bazillion touch-starved people out there, this behavior from a cat MAKES US FEEL GREAT!!

So, the human is just figuring this out now?? [sigh]

So, the human is just figuring this out now?? [sigh]

“Awww, look! He loves me!”

Yes, kitty probably does love you, but also trusts you and considers you personal property (back off, other cats! This human is MINE.)

I think the post’s popularity says something about the human/feline relationship. [What? Oh, sorry, make that feline/human relationship. I was just corrected by my boss cat.] I love this cat behavior because – regardless of what the cat is actually trying to communicate with me — I feel LOVED.

People take to the Internet to learn about this puzzling, sweet, wonderful behavior by their cat. They want validation of what we all want (love) and they must find out if their hypothesis is true or not. Before making the grand claim: “Look. I am LOVED” they want to make sure they are right, which is the second thing everybody in the world wants — to be RIGHT!

Well, I prefer to go by the adage: If you have the opportunity to be right or be kind, always choose to be kind. So, speaking of being kind: don’t you think this is a particularly fetching photograph of Sophie?  [She paid me to say that...]

Cat Advice Can Save A Life

It’s not unusual to hear advice about cats and say to yourself, “Oh, I don’t have to worry about THAT. My cat never does THAT.” Well, some day your cat might just do THAT. It’s better to take heed of the advice and file it away for future reference.

I’m sure you’ve heard to be mindful of cats chewing on electrical cords. I heard that, too. I had never seen any of my many cats chew on electrical cords. I thought this was a “dog-thing.” My smug attitude was blasted to smithereens on the day my previous cat, Nubie, suffered the feline equivalent of a stroke, and I found him howling and crying and going out of his mind in pain. It was to be the last day of his life, but I didn’t know then I would be euthanizing him later that morning. In the wee hours of that day, I rushed to get dressed so I could whisk him to the vet’s office. When I re-entered the room where I had left him, he had crawled under a table that held my computer, monitor and printer — with all the attendant wires hanging down the back of it; coiled like a snake on the floor. He was biting into the wires, I assume, trying to assuage the intense pain he was feeling. Who knows what would have happened if I hadn’t quickly moved him away from them. It might have made his terrible experience even worse.

You never know when your sweet little fluff ball will do what you least expected him to do.

Image courtesy of Vlado/FreeDigitalPhotos.net

Image courtesy of Vlado/FreeDigitalPhotos.net

Another example would be plants. During traditional plant-giving times — Easter comes to mind — information zooms forth around the blogosphere about keeping certain plants away from cats because the leaves or blossoms are poisonous to cats. My CURRENT cat doesn’t seem interested in eating flowers, but I have had other cats who couldn’t stay away from the aromatic blooms.

So, when you hear cat advice, even if you don’t think it applies to your kitties, add it to your store of feline knowledge anyway. You never know when it will come in handy.

It’s much better to be forewarned than to needlessly lose a cat.

Cat Jail — It Could Be Worse

In other blog posts I have teased that cats living in cages at an animal shelter are in “cat jail.” It’s an apt comparison. Can’t you just picture them holding tin cups and banging on the side of the cage, demanding to be set free? My most recent volunteer stint at my local shelter provided me with another comparison: It’s also like walking through a nursing home where patients are calling out for attention from the nurses or any passersby. The visitors pretend they don’t hear anything out of the ordinary and keep on walking. If one of the patients sees that they have your attention, the yelling becomes louder and more urgent.

“Hey. You. Yes, you!! Come ‘ere. Get me outta here, huh? Please?”

It’s so hard to walk by in either of these circumstances and not feel pity for the ones behind the cage or behind the nursing home door. It tears most people up inside — whether we are talking about humans or felines. But, there are good days, too.

I am SO EXCITED for the kitties when I hear of another adoption and I prepare the paperwork so they can leave with their new human. Yes, it’s also a good day for the doggies, too, when people want to bring them home, but you know where my loyalties are!

The kitties that are calling out are mostly cats who are in heat, so clearly, not exactly like a nursing home, but the feeling of walking past them and not responding to them is the same…wishing I could help them feel better and knowing that I cannot. If I DO stop to coo at them for a minute, I give them false hope that I will let them out of the cage. Another heartbreaking moment, but worth the effort anyway, because nobody wants to be ignored.

Here are some photos of my most recent visit:

This is "cat jail." Although it is a nice one, it is still jail.

This is “cat jail.” Although it is a nice one, it is still jail.

"Hey Buddy! Wanna grab those keys behind you and give a guy a break?"

“Hey Buddy! Wanna grab those keys behind you and give a guy a break?”

"Maybe if I just rub on these bars long enough they will break open and I can escape!"

“Maybe if I just rub on these bars long enough they will break open and I can escape!”

"Two squares a day and a soft bed. It could be worse. Much worse."

“Two squares a day and a soft bed. It could be worse. Much worse.”

"That lady with the keys keeps walking back and forth. Why doesn't she pick ME??"

“That lady with the keys keeps walking back and forth. Why doesn’t she pick ME??”


A ray of hope: empty cages at the shelter, but kitten season is here! They won't remain empty for long!

A ray of hope: empty cages at the shelter, but kitten season is here! They won’t remain empty for long!

Hope you liked seeing pictures from the Humane Society of Warren County in Front Royal, VA. They are an amazing group of people who have never met an animal they didn’t love. I am so proud of the work they do and thrilled when any of the animals find their furrever home! You can find them on Petfinder and on Facebook/HSWC. Oh, and thanks for listening.

Aaahhh, Spring!

You can tell Spring has arrived: mowers mowing, kids screaming, the smell of freshly laid mulch. Aaahh, Spring! Sophie is pleased because now she can have some whiffies again. I opened the window and she trotted over to sit in front of the screen, her little nose twitching like a rabbit’s, drinking in all the delicious fresh air.

Spring has also made us aware of a new neighbor. There is a tabby-and-white kitty living in the

"I'm celebrating Spring!"

“I’m celebrating Spring!”

next door apartment now. I see her enjoying the whiffies from that apartment’s window. She’s a bit shy. When I said hello to her, she ran away. She’ll get used to us eventually. Maybe we’ll bring over a bag of treats to welcome her to the neighborhood, especially since You-Know-Who doesn’t eat treats anymore. We have found ourselves with a surplus of treats; we might as well share!

Birdie and squirrel TV will be starting up again soon, too. Sophie loves the live action shots, and occasionally tries to jump through the screen to take part in the action directly. We’ve had to have a few conversations about this in the past. She CAN NOT dive through the screen to get to the birdies! It’s NOT allowed. You can’t blame a cat, though, with such High Definition TV outside of their windows, it’s like they are real…oh, wait. Never mind.

In our part of the country we seem to get short-changed when it comes to our Spring and Fall seasons. They are short. It will be in the 90s before we know it and the windows will close and the whirr from everyone’s air conditioners will take the place of mowers mowing and kids screaming.

There are a few perks to closing windows, too. Aaahh, Summer!




What’s the Deal Behind that Furry Face?

SAMSUNG CAMERA PICTURESWouldn’t it be great if we could become more aware of the consciousness of the furry critters that live with us?

Or become more consciously aware of them?

Just because they don’t speak a human language, doesn’t mean they are not smart, or don’t feel compassion, or pain.

I don’t know about you, but I think an IQ test is not the only measure we should have for intelligence.

It takes courage to stand in your truth when it flies in the face of conventional wisdom. My truth is that cats are aware little beings with compassion and love to give to other creatures — not even exclusively to human creatures.

If it is your desire to have a more meaningful relationship with your cat, all you have to do is pay attention to that desire and set the intention. “Setting intentions” is a powerful tool to use when you want to bring change to a situation. Try it sometime.

Talk to your cat “as if” you expect answers. The cat may not know your words, but it does understand the tone of voice. The cat will know you are trying to communicate with it. Who knows? Maybe that will make him feel good! It always makes me feel good when I’ve been heard…when someone has paid attention to me.

Cats may be aloof creatures, but they are not complete loners. They like being in the company of people and creatures for whom they have affection. They miss us when we leave them alone. I’m sure of it.

So, if the furry critter in your life can feel physical pain, loneliness, depression, compassion, and love, then it is “aware” on some level. In other words, it’s not “just a dumb animal.” All living, breathing creatures deserve our respect and love.

It would sure be great if people everywhere raised their consciousness about animals and appreciated them for the intelligent little beings they are.  Now THAT would be paw-some!