Caturday Art: Psychedelic Kitty

This week’s art project is brought to you by the very creative folk at Ribbit. I had fun trying out SAMSUNG CAMERA PICTURESall of the effects I found there. The one I chose is called “Neon” — I’m choosing to call it “Psychedelic” because it reminds me of something from the 1960s. I was able to make it a variety of colors, but I chose purple because purple is Sophie’s and MY favorite color. (Of course! What else would a child of the 60s pick?) I don’t know how Sophie feels about being “purple” but I think it is “far out!”

Okay, enough 60s references…

The text font was a new one I’ve not seen before: Phonetica. It’s different.

Hope you enjoy this Caturday Art and maybe you’ll find a new photo editing site to explore. As usual, we are partipating in the Caturday Art Blog Hop of Athena and Maria from Caturday Art Blog HopButton150x150_zpsbe54d2dc

A Tribute to A Kitty Friend

It is a sad day in the cat blogosphere when one of our dearest kitty friends is on the way out. Sparkle, the Designer Cat  has a moving blog post today that touched my heart. I only know Sparkle from blogging, have never met her human, and don’t even know what state she lives in, but she made me feel something every time I have read her posts.

Sparkle is a Somali cat, has a quirky personality that is a delight; she is sometimes cranky, sometimes resigned to what is. Sparkle and her human had so many giveaways, shared so much kitty swag, and donated to great causes all the time. Her advice to kitties everywhere was popular and, though she reluctantly shared space with feline siblings Binga and Boodie, I know she must love them, too.

These sorts of posts turn up every so often. It’s one of the hazards of working with an animal that has a limited lifespan. It’s sad, but a fact of life. I just want to say that Sparkle and her human are a class act. Her human’s tribute to Sparkle was beautifully written, touching, and memorable. She didn’t write it to say goodbye, so much as to say “Thank you.” Well, it is WE who should thank her.

When the time comes, and it sounds like it will be soon, I hope Sparkle and her human, Janiss, know how much they are loved. I don’t write a tribute to every cat that passes on because it happens so often that this would be a sad blog if I did it all the time, and I don’t want that. But, every so often a cat comes a long, even a blogging cat, that is just different, unique, special, and one-in-a-million.

I will always remember Sparkle, the Designer Cat.

Sparkle, thanks for all of the great work, and may you and your human know peace.

Where Do You Get Your Blog Post Ideas?

You never know what will touch a reader’s heart. When I sit down to write a post my first thought is to entertain. If that doesn’t bring anything to mind, then my second thought is to write something useful. Failing that, I might just post a photo of my beloved cat. The point is: ideas just fly through the air and I grab them before they can get away. That’s about as scientific as I can get to answer the question of where I get my post ideas.

Almost a match to my previous cat, Nubie.

Almost a match to my previous cat, Nubie.

It makes me feel good when I hear a post I wrote moved a person in some way. It could be that I made them laugh, or they got the feeling I was speaking directly to them. Either way, it is satisfying that my writing can make a person feel SOMETHING. It tells me that I must be doing something right…at least I’m grabbing some great ideas!

I heard from a reader this week who was happy to have run into my post about how to get over cat grief, a post that ran in June. When I re-read it, something profound jumped out at me:

“The loss doesn’t have to diminish you. It can actually bring you a wider perspective on life and love.”

Yes, I wrote those words. I don’t know which wise soul whispered them into my ear as I typed, but there you have it. Then, suddenly, I found myself writing THIS post…another idea flying by that I nabbed before it could get away.

The quote above of me quoting myself: It was an epiphany.

I think it is a comforting thought if you are afraid of the emotions that will come up for you when your beloved furry friend crosses the bridge. When I lost my Nubie, I swear my soul grew exponentially, and what it was doing was making room for more love: more love to come in, and more love to go out. Thus, a wider perspective.

Yes, the first day Nubie died was HORRIBLE for me, but each day after that my grief eased up a bit. It was almost like Nubie was telling me, “It’s okay, now. You can go on without me. Just remember that I love you, too.”

The next big spiritual leap came when I found my cat, Sophie. Some days, I swear Nubie  picked her out for me and she was just waiting for me to come pick her up. I had instant recognition when I laid eyes on her for the first time that she was the cat for me.

And so I grew.

I now had more space in my heart to love another critter that needed a home. Nubie was done with his mission on this Earth and moved on so another cat could be loved and have a forever home with me.

It all makes perfect sense…at least to me, and Sophie, and Nubie. We’re all connected and always will be. The loss did not diminish me. It gave me a wider perspective on life and love. It also taught me, again, that animals are among our biggest spiritual teachers.

Now, go grab some ideas that are flying around in the air over your head and write YOUR next blog post! You’ll be glad you did. Or leave me a comment and tell me what emotions this post made you feel.

Traumatized Cats Need Time To Chill Out

In the past, I’ve written about how a cat can be traumatized by a move to a new home. The phrase “Traumatized Cat” keeps showing up in my Site Stats as a phrase people have used to find me. I take that to mean another post on the subject is needed.

Cats are such creatures of habit that it just throws them for a loop when their routines change. Your cat might show trauma by hiding, not eating, or being a bit aggressive.

It's okay, kitty. Don't cry!

It’s okay, kitty. Don’t cry!

The best thing to do if you have a traumatized cat is to just let them be! Leave them alone to chill out! As long as you leave fresh water out for your cat, don’t worry about them not eating until the behavior has gone on for about 3 days. After 3 days, yes, call the vet. But most kitties will have started eating again by then.

The key is to let them have all of the space they need to relax on their own. They are not like humans who might enjoy having a friend around to comfort them. A cat’s first instinct when scared is to hide or run away. When your kitty is feeling better, she’ll come seek you out. She’ll let you know with purrs and head butts that she is ready to be sociable again.

I know it is hard to just leave them alone because we love them and want to nurture them, but believe me, you’re better off just letting them be alone for a while. Remember, constantly living indoors is not a natural habitat for a cat and if he was outside and became traumatized, he would hide and maybe not eat for a few days. That would be normal.

So, when your cat needs to chill out, just let him. Think how you would feel if everything you knew turned upside down.

Cat Blogging Adds New Dimension

Sketchy Cat

Image courtesy of digitalart /

Cat blogging has added a new dimension to my love of cats and my love of writing. It gives me an outlet for the “cat energy” about which I can’t seem to stop talking. You, the reader, end up the recipient of all of those thoughts about cats, which I think is wonderful because then they are out of my head and on the computer screen. What a relief! I can’t imagine having to walk around with all those cat thoughts in my head, begging for release.

Blogging also gives me an outlet for my creative expression, both with writing and graphics. One guideline I always remember is if you want to get better at something, practice it every day and that pertains to writing as well. Knowing I have a blog post to get out makes me sit down and get to work! There’s always something to practice: better headlines, better grammar, or even to brainstorm better ideas.

Keeping a cat blog has introduced me to some of the nicest people around! Helpful, funny, supportive, friendly; who knew this “universe” existed? It’s been the nicest surprise to find it. Some of the kitties out there have the most unique personalities and there is always someone who makes me laugh out loud or brush off a tear! One measure of excellent writing is if it moves the reader to feel something. My cat blogging friends do that for me every day!

It is that very adage that keeps me striving to improve MY writing every day. Did I make you feel something? Did I change your opinion? Did I make you smile or laugh? Your comments tell me if I have been successful that day or not.

Three cheers for cat blogging! It brings so much light into my life, and I strive to bring that same light into yours. Keep up the meowing, purring, and commenting!


Caturday Art: Pause for Paws

This week’s Caturday Art features Sophie’s adorable pawsies. I used a cute frame I found on the Fotor web Sophie's Pawssite, and a font named “Alex Brush.” I like how her Tortie colors stand out in the picture.

We are participating in the Caturday Art Blog Hop. Stop by and see all the great art!Caturday Art Blog HopButton150x150_zpsbe54d2dc

Wellness Clinic Brings Folk Out in Droves

Recently, the animal shelter where I volunteer had a Wellness Day & Rabies Clinic where SAMSUNG CAMERA PICTURESpeople who live in the surrounding area could bring their cats and dogs by for low-cost vaccines, flea treatments, nail clipping, etc. It always draws a crowd and, for those of us working at it, the time just flies by.

Not necessarily so for the people who have to wait in line for their turn to go inside the building. Everyone waits outside until their name is called and then they can enter the building, pay for the services they want, and THEN wait in another line to be called by the volunteer veterinarian to partake of the service.

The best thing to do is arrive early and sign-in, then take your pet back to the car and read a book. Bring snacks, for you and your pet, because you will be waiting awhile. This year, a local ice-cream truck parked in our parking lot and did a bang up business for several hours.

Finally, your name is called and the joy I see on everyone’s  face is priceless! The animals are pretty happy to have things moving along, too.

I always love observing animal behavior. Some dogs get out of their owner’s car and look around and go: “Oh, boy!! Friends! Everywhere!!” Other dogs get out of their owner’s car and go: “Mom. Where have you brought me??? Take me back home. NOW!” The cats just yowl and cry at the indignity of it all. They aren’t looking to make any new friends.

I will never forget the cat who broke out of its carrier and CLIMBED UP THE WALL!! I have never seen a cat climb a wall. The reason the cat went UP the wall was because the poor thing was surrounded by dogs at his eye level. Dogs everywhere! The cat seemed to defy gravity for longer than you’d think possible. Then, as it came down it ran over my shoulder, with claws digging into me, and then ran behind my back. The owner finally caught up with the cat and STRUGGLED to hold this freaked out animal and not get bit or scratched. It all happened so fast  I couldn’t process what had happened until it was all over. It just goes to show how differently our furry friends interpret life around them.

These clinics that the shelter holds twice a year are popular because they offer a valuable service to the community: low-cost wellness care for pets. The location is the Humane Society of Warren County in Front Royal, Va. USA. Does your local animal shelter offer wellness clinics? If not, maybe you could suggest it to them. It’s not a money-making event, but it builds a ton of goodwill and our furry babies receive good care.

Just remember to bring a book…